Butterfly Plants & Seeds for your Garden – They’re Safe & They Work!

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that add to the color, joy and fascination of nature and can be attracted to your garden if you have the right seeds and plants in your butterfly garden. They are often adored by both children and adults which makes them a perfect family hobby. Bringing caterpillars or butterfly eggs indoors to raise into butterflies gives witness to the incredible butterfly metamorphosis that will leave few people unenchanted.

The enjoyment of butterflies is strongly coupled with gardening, photography and science which extends their reach of attraction and adds dimension to their enjoyment. Enjoy our products including butterfly plants, butterfly seeds & great butterfly photos and videos to discover the joy of raising your own butterflys and how you can enrich your life and the lives of your family and friends with these spectacular creatures.

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Coming Mid May 2018
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Butterfly Host Plants

Heart-leaf Milkweed Plants


Butterfly Host Plants

Turtlehead Plants (Chelone glabra)

Coming Early May 2018
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Butterfly Host Plants

Spicebush Plants

Available Mid May 2018
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Butterfly Host Plants

Balloon Milkweed Plants


Butterfly Host Seeds

Heart-leaf Milkweed Seeds


Butterfly Host Plants

New England Aster Plants

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