Create Your Own Joyful Butterfly Garden, and Help Save Pollinators–and the Planet!

Butterflies add color, fascination, and joy to nature. They’ll be attracted to your garden if you offer them the seeds and flowering plants they want and need. Butterflies are adored by both children and adults, which makes gardening for them a perfect family hobby. What’s more, raising butterflies from eggs and caterpillars will reveal to you the wonders of metamorphosis–sure to increase your your kids’ interest in natural sciences, and your passion for butterfly gardening.

Butterfly gardens are little patches of heaven on Earth. They’re not only safe, nurturing havens for butterflies and other pollinators, but joyful places for their caretakers, too.

Our Plants and Seeds are Safe for all Pollinators.

We love butterflies, and it’s our desire to serve you in growing and maintaining your butterfly garden. All our plants and seeds are grown specifically by us and trusted growers, and guaranteed safe for all pollinators – always! Enjoy and learn from our butterfly photos and videos. And spread your joy about butterflies to family and friends with beautiful items from our gift shop.

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Butterfly Host Plants

Turtlehead Plants (Chelone glabra)

Shipping July 1

Milkweed Plants and Seeds

Balloon Milkweed Plants


Milkweed Plants and Seeds

Heart-leaf Milkweed Seeds


Milkweed Plants and Seeds

Balloon Plant Milkweed Seeds


Butterfly Host Seeds

False Nettle Seeds (200 seeds)


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