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Milkweed Plants for Monarchs

The Milkweed plant is the sole host plant for Monarch butterflies. Although Monarchs have preferences [...]

Plants for a Monarch Waystation

Plants for a Monarch Waystation We have all the plants you will need to establish [...]

Know Your Frost Dates

First and Last Frost Dates Knowing your first and last frost dates is important for [...]

Steps to Help Monarch Butterflies

Steps to Help Monarch Butterflies In order to help Monarch Butterflies, we can all take [...]

Why Use Scientific (Botanical) Names for Plants

Why do I need to know the scientific names of plants? While it is sometimes [...]

Butterfly Garden Tips

A butterfly garden is no more complicated than any other garden. With a few simple [...]

How to Attract Butterflies

The number one step to attract butterflies is simply providing the food they like – [...]

What Do Butterflies Eat? Nectar Plants

What Do Butterflies Eat: Most butterflies eat (actually they “drink”) from nectar plants, while the [...]

What Do Caterpillars Eat? Host Plants

The plants that caterpillars eat are called host plants while the plants that adult butterflies [...]

Picking The Perfect Butterfly House

‘Life is like a butterfly. You can chase it, or you can let it come [...]

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