About Joyful Butterfly

Kelly Ballard

Hi, my name is Kelly Ballard. Joyful Butterfly was created in 2012 out of a growing adoration for butterflies. I am a wife, and a Mom of two kids. As of the beginning of 2016 our daughter is ten years old and our son is almost nine years old.

We started growing caterpillars indoors in 2008 by accident (we found some caterpillars on our parsley) and we quickly became enamored by these beautiful insects.  We began switching our gardens over to plants that support butterflies and the number of butterflies in our yard each summer grew like crazy!

A year or two later I started writing about butterflies and then in 2012 we decided to turn it into a business.  Joyful Butterfly is designed to share information and the fun of attracting and raising butterflies with others!

I continue to enjoy learning about butterflies and we add new plants to our gardens every year.  We look forward to each spring/summer and the new adventures we will have with the butterflies.

Thank you for visiting our website!  I hope you will find good information and/or the perfect plants (or seeds) for your butterfly garden!


Any questions or comments about butterflies? Our plants? Etc?  Please contact us  – we would love to hear from you! Thanks again for visiting and have a blessed day!