About Joyful Butterfly

Kelly Ballard

Hi, so glad you are here! I’m Kelly Ballard, owner of Joyful Butterfly. I am a happily married mom of two kids.  We live out in the country in South Carolina and greatly enjoy the nature around us!

I started raising caterpillars indoors in 2008 (we found some caterpillars on our parsley).  After realizing what they were and watching them become butterflies, the kids and I quickly became enamored by these beautiful insects.  I began switching our gardens over to plants that support butterflies and the number of butterflies in our yard grew like crazy each summer!

A year or two later I started writing about raising butterflies and gardening for them. Then in 2012 we decided to turn it into a business to make it easier for others to find plants (and seeds) and information specifically for butterflies.

We continue to enjoy learning about butterflies and expanding the business as we add new seeds/plants to our gardens/website every year.

We Pledge that:

  • All of our plants and seeds are always safe for all pollinators.
  • Our seeds for any US native plant will always come from US grown plants (this may not always be true for non-natives).
  • All our seeds are non-gmo and neonicotinoid-free (this is true for non-natives as well).
  • We use the same seeds we sell to you to grow our plants so we know how the seeds perform.
  • We support various conservation efforts through seed/plant and/or monetary donations.
  • Joyful Butterfly is a licensed nursery in SC.

Thank you for stopping by! Any questions or comments about butterflies? Our plants?  Please contact us  – we would love to hear from you! Thanks again for visiting and have a blessed day!