Happy customers and happy butterflies make us happy!

We value you and your business. We stand by our products so that you can purchase with confidence.  We have built a reputation over the last decade by striving to delight customers with healthy, good-sized plants that are well packed to arrive safely.

It is our great pleasure and our top priority to provide you with plants that are not only healthy for planting but are also safe for all pollinators.  Because of that, we are limited in the products that are available to us to use in our greenhouses to prevent “bad” bugs and disease.  Therefore, we are vigilant with cleanliness and natural growing methods, increasing the value of our plants for your butterfly garden and/or native plantings.

Bothersome Bugs!

The overwhelming majority of our plants will arrive to you bug-free. But every now and then a bug(s) will hide under a leaf or in a crevice and miss our watchful eyes.  Aphids, for example, are a constant battle all around the United States, especially on milkweeds, and we endeavor to keep them, and other bothersome bugs, off our plants with daily checks. Occasionally we may miss one or two in the large quantity of plants we grow and ship, and they can multiply quickly.

If you see any bugs on your plants when unpacking, snap a picture first thing if possible.  It helps our quality control to see what we missed – and it may even be a beneficial bug!  Next, please remove, squish, and/or wash it off, or remove and dispose of the leaf it is on. If any bug issue continues to be a problem that came from us, please contact us within 2 weeks of purchase and we will gladly provide assistance, replace, or refund the plant as necessary.

Sprightly Spots!

Plant leaves can display spotting for a variety of reasons such as bug damage, bacterial/fungal/viral infections, or nutrient imbalances, etc. You should not receive a spotted plant from us other than normal discolorations based on the cycle of fertilizer, light, and heat throughout the season in the greenhouses and outdoors.  For example, Purple Milkweed can have a variety of hues in its leaves depending on its cycle of fertilizer, light, and heat.  Tropical milkweed leaves can produce a reddish hue due to the same. Plants that experience these qualities will quickly even out as they expand their roots and adapt to their happy new home in your ground.

Plants received in late summer or fall will often have some deterioration in leaf quality, as this is normal in nature.  Gardens are always “freshest” in spring and summer and this is true of our container grown plants as well.

If you ever have any concerns about a plant you receive from us, please snap a picture to help us identify any issues and let us know within 2 weeks of purchase.  We will gladly provide assistance, replace, or refund the plant as necessary.

Devastated Delivery!

While we package our plants carefully to protect them during shipping, there are sometimes mishaps, including delayed delivery, crushed packages, and slip-ups on our part. If your plants arrived damaged or missing, please take some pictures of both the plants and box and send them to us within 1 business day along with your order number. We want to make sure that what you receive is what you ordered!

Peaky Plants!

What if the plants die?  We want you to be completely satisfied and to purchase from us with confidence so we guarantee them in this way:

  • If the plant is a native to your area then we guarantee it for 2 months assuming it has been properly cared for as described in our product descriptions and planting instructions. We are not able to guarantee plants that have been overwintered in pots, or those that have been affected by weather conditions (such as a frost or storm). If purchasing plants to be received while there is risk of frost or without enough time to become fully established before a frost, the customer assumes all responsibility.
  • If the plant is not a native in your area then we guarantee it for 2 weeks. Although many plants do great in a wide range of conditions outside of their native range, especially within the same USDA hardiness zones, some do have their own needs that can not always be met in an entirely different part of the country.

If any of our plants should perish within these time frames under your careful care, please take a picture of it in its location and let us know and we will gladly replace or refund per your choice and our availability.  Your pictures, experiences, and feedback help us tremendously in solving problems, preventing future problems, and sharing information!

We are very grateful for your business! Thank you so much for letting us serve your butterfly gardening needs. Please contact us with any questions or issues.